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Oktyabrsky district is located in the northwestern part of the Gomel region. It borders on Petrikovsky, Kalinkovichsky, Svetlogorsky districts of Gomel region, Bobruisk and Glussky - Mogilev region, Lyubansky - Minsk region. The length of the region from east to west is 65 kilometers, from north to south - 43 kilometers. The center of the district is the urban settlement Oktyabrsky, located 190 km from the city of Gomel.

The Rabkor-Zhlobin passenger railway runs through the territory of the urban settlement and the district.

The total area of the district is 138,119 hectares, of which 39.9 thousand hectares are agricultural land, including 27.3 thousand hectares of arable land. Of the total area, 58% of the territory is occupied by forests, mainly mixed, in lower areas with moist soils, bilberry and moss pine forests are found, 1.2% are rivers, lakes, artificial reservoirs and canals.

There are 77 settlements in the region, including 1 urban-type settlement and 76 rural settlements.

The population of the Oktyabrsky District is 14.2 thousand people, including urban - 7.3 thousand people (51%), rural - 6.9 thousand people (49%) (as of January 1, 2021).

The Oktyabrsky District has quite favorable natural conditions for the development of all spheres of human life. The flat relief contributes to the development of settlements, agricultural land development.

The Oktyabrsky District has a certain natural resource potential.

The territory of the Oktyabrsky district is rich in minerals such as oil, coal, potash and rock salt, which are in the stage of geological development. Commercial oil development has been established only at the Vishanskoye and Ozemlyanskoye fields.

The industry of the Oktyabrsky District is represented by 2 industrial enterprises: OJSC “Oktyabrsky Skimmed Milk Powder Plant” and KZhUP “Oktyabrskoye”. The main branches of industry are the production of dairy products, housing and communal services.

Agriculture forms the basis of the production activity of the population of rural settlements. The specialization of agricultural production in the Oktyabrsky District is meat and dairy cattle breeding with developed crop production.

From an industrial point of view, the existing ratio of land types can be considered optimal for the Oktyabrsky district. At present, the structure of sown areas has developed, which basically meets the requirements of specialization. It makes it possible to fulfill the state order for the sale of basic crops and provide livestock with fodder.

In 2021-2025, in this structure of crops, the area under corn will increase.

The agrarian sector of the economy of the Oktyabrsky district includes 8 open joint-stock companies, 26 peasant (farm) farms, 1 state agricultural institution "Oktyabrskaya variety testing station", 2 organizations - the unitary enterprise "Oktyabragrokhimiya", the open joint-stock company "Oktyabrrayagroservice" are service organizations of the branch "Agriculture ".

The economic sector of the Oktyabrsky District mainly consists of such spheres of activity as agricultural production, industry, construction, trade, the provision of paid and consumer services.

The main share of the population employed in the economy of the Oktyabrsky District is concentrated in agriculture and forestry 28%, in industry 19%, in trade and public catering - 9%, in education - 20%, in health care - 14%, in culture - 4 %, in other industries - 6%.