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Mass media

The regional public-political and information newspaper Chyrvony Kastrychnik (Red October) was founded in December, 1939, i.e. right after the founding of the Oktyabrskiy region. Its publishing never ceased, even during the Great Patriotic War. Then the newspaper was titled “Narodny Mstivets” (People’s Avenger) (editor-in-chief – former secretary of the regional committee of the Communist Party of Belarus F. Kamotskiy). The newspaper was not edited from December, 1962 till August of 1966 when the region was abolished being integrated into the Svetlogorsk region.

The newspaper is founded by the Oktyabrskiy regional executive committee and the Oktyabrskiy regional council of deputies. The newspaper is edited in two versions – in Russian and Belarusian and comes out twice a week – on Wednesday and Saturday. The average circulation makes 2,100 copies.